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How powerful is the Mars Hydro SP6500 grow light? PPFD light test

As we develop better led grow lights for the NZ market, we collect and analyse a ton of data. Here we share our findings with you so you can make better grow light purchase decisions.

Here we tested the Mars Hydro SP6500 with an Apogee MQ-610 light meter to see how many photons it can be expected to deliver to your plants.

Methodology: 1.5m2 x 2m tent used with a 1m x 1m grid of 10cm squares, tested at a variety of heights: 450, 600 and 1200mm

Testing Meter:  Apogee MQ-610 ePAR meter

Spectrum tested: Visible light + 380 to 760 nm (Includes UV & IR)


This is a long and thin rectangular shaped light. We tested this light on our square grid, and due to the shape of the light you can see that when hanging this light at 450mm or 600mm from the top of the canopy that the 600mm directly under the light receives over 1000ppfd.

This means that this light will suit vegetative and also flowering plants in a rectangular grow space. If you’re working with a square or rectangle grow tent and want a bigger peak footprint, then check out the S700 or S250. Test results for those can be viewed here and here

Recommended grow space size for flowering plants: 600mm x 1200mm