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grow lights in NZ for growing plants indoors

Grow your own food and flowers indoors all year round. Get the latest LED grow lights from trusted grow light manufacturers like Black Dog LED, Mars Hydro & Optic LED.

We have a range of indoor grow lights for plants trusted by thousands of avid indoor growers. Whether you’re just starting out and need a small grow light for 1-2 plants or a larger grow light for up to 9 plants or some of the most powerful LED grow lights – we’ve got you covered with the best grow lights NZ has been waiting for. Check out our range of led grow lights here

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Athena Tissue Culture Kit (Pre Order Special Price)


*Because of how heavy this order is “Pallet Shipping” will be calculated and invoiced manually.*


Store and preserve all your cultivars in a very small space. The Athena Tissue Culture Procedure reinvigorates old genetics and cleans plant material to outgrow infections like hop latent viroid (HLV).

Culture Kit includes everything you need to learn and perform effective tissue culture anywhere you are. The portable Flow Hood and Autoclave are purpose built to perform consistent and clean tissue culture operations. An integrated toolbox contains all the tools, instruments and tissue culture media to make 120 Culture Vessels (refills available).


  • Flow Hood provides a large workspace with face velocity of 0.5 – 0.9 m/s
  • Purpose-built autoclave with one-touch sterilizing operation
  • Contains pre-formulated tissue culture media mixes: Roots and Shoots
  • Media formulas contain all ingredients, just add water
  • Detailed step-by-step Procedure to perform successful tissue culture

See Athena Tissue Culture Procedure integrated into toolbox lid.


Click here for TC Kit Procedures


Technical Manual(US)


Technical Manual(EU)


Pro Balance

Athena Pro Balance is a powered water-soluble pH up for the professional cultivator design specifically for use with advanced fertigation systems like Dosatron and Netaflex.  Athena Pro Balance allows the grower to customize the strength of their pH adjustment to their unique situation. Pro Balance concentrate may be mixed at a rate of 0.25 – 1 lb. per gallon. Adjust the mix rate and injection rate depending on the amount of pH adjustment required.


Always wear protective gear when handling. Mix as a concentrate at 0.25 – 1 lb. per gallon (40 – 120 grams per litre) in clean water. Dose as needed to raise fertilizer solution to target pH. Calibrate your pH meter before measuring for best accuracy. Mixing Pro Balance causes a thermal reaction that heats the solution while mixing. Allow time to fully mix and cool before using concentrate.


Warning: This product is corrosive to most metals. Do not expose powder or liquid to aluminum. Keep away from low pH products and store in a well-ventilated area. Always wear proper PPE when handling, including respirator, eye protection and skin coverings.



Calculator Clickhere


Athena Pro Fade
Fade is a nitrogen-free finishing flush that provides your plants with the immobile nutrients they need (calcium and microelements) to ensure they don’t starve during the critical ripening stage.
Excess nitrogen is known to delay flower maturation and it’s important to taper or even remove nitrogen at the end of the flowering cycle to encourage crop maturation and enhance flower quality.
After extensive testing, we’ve found that running Fade with Pro Bloom during the last 3 weeks of flower increased total cannabinoid and terpene production without increasing the risk of deficiencies and bud rot.
• Nitrogen-free finishing enhancer
• Contains optimal levels of calcium and microelements for finish
• Same liquid dilution rate as Pro Core (at 2 lbs per gallon concentrate)
• Replace Pro Core during the final 3 weeks of flower
Application Rates
Add 10-16 mL of Fade per gallon of water during the final 3 weeks of the flowering phase.
See Feed Schedules for specific application recommendations.
Best Practices
• Shake well before use.
• Use clean measuring instruments–do not put anything into the bottle.
• Monitor EC regularly and adjust accordingly based on crop and growth stage.
• Adjust pH to proper levels after mixing all fertilizers and additives.
• Do not combine in undiluted form.
• Adjust to pH to proper levels after mixing all fertilizers and additives.

• Store closed in original packaging at a temperature between 45° F and 85° F.

You can check out  Athena Blended Line Feed schedule


Calculator Clickhere


Athena Pro Line Mix Kit

Athena Mix Kit makes it easy and accurate to mix a concentrated fertilizer mix. Just add a single pouch to the matching 1 gallon just, fill with water and shake until fully dissolved. Look for Athena 10 lb Pro Line box for refill pouches.

Weighing powders is inaccurate and can lead to batches with different mineral compositions and ultimately plant deficiencies. It’s always better to mix a concentrate first before measuring into a batch tank or reservoir



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C’mon, Keep It Clean And Super Green

Athena AG Cleanse is a multi-purpose formula designed to help keep your plants in tip-top shape by keeping your root zone and equipment clean and free of nasty organic and mineral buildup, preventing pesky pests and diseases from establishing a home in your hard work. It’s also great for boosting the cell health and immunity of cuttings,  and reducing mineral build up on your equipment and in your media.

The active ingredient in Athena Cleanse is the harmless yet super helpful hypochlorous acid. Our white blood cells produce hypochlorous acid to fight bacteria and infections, and turns out it’s just as beneficial to our plants health! This effective antimicrobial will help keep your root zone clean and healthy, as well as reducing mineral scale in irrigation systems. Athena Cleanse contains no nutrients, so won’t affect feeding schedule at any stage, and can also be used as a foliar spray, and as a final flush to clean your growing media.

Handy Tips:

Regular Use: Use a dilute mixture of 2-5ml per gallon (3.8L) of water for regular maintenance.

Severe Conditions: Use 5-10ml per gallon (3.8L) of water for servicing severe reservoir and growing media conditions.

Foliar Application: Use 375ml per gallon (3.8L) of water and spray evenly. Test on a small area first to ensure no damage.

Cuttings/Clones: Dip fresh cuttings in a diluted solution of 10ml per gallon (3.8L) of water.

Can be used in any growing media.



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Ultra856 main page

Unparalleled Performance

If you’re looking for a serious grow light that can grow everything from seedling to harvest, the ULTRA865 is the grow light for you. The custom lensed 5W diodes and dual drivers produce an efficacy of 3.072umol/J. The UV lenses distribute the UV evenly while the secondary angled lenses focus the light deep into the canopy.

Quality Top-Tier Products

We’ve taken top bin diodes from Osram, Samsung and Epistar to produce the most effective spectrum for growing massive plants after testing multiple iterations. Setup is easy, just plug and play! You can even control multiple lights from a single master light with RJ12 cables. The IP65 waterproofing rating combined with high PPFD at high hanging heights make this light perfect for greenhouse and commercial use.

Easy to use

The dual dimmers however, make the light accessible to hobbyists by stepping down the brightness to suit smaller grow areas. 2 year warranty. Free NZ Shipping. No overseas shipping delays.

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