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GUIDE: How to grow plants from seeds like a pro

Things you’ll need to grow plants from seed:
  • Clean environment / work area
  • Gloves
  • Your Seed
  • Hydrogen peroxide 6% (From a chemist/grow shop)
  • A shot glass
  • Aerated pot – small Jiffy pot/felt grow bag (garden centre/grow shop)
  • Seedling Soil (grow shop)
  • Mycorrizal Funghi (garden centre/online)
  • 1L Water at Ph level 6.5

Clean/sterilized Humidity Dome
Temperature 18-25 Degrees
Fresh Air movement (not too much)

We are going to start off our growers’ guide with the basics for growing from seed.
Many of us are purchasing seeds online, and you will want to know how to grow your
seed fast, and without any chance of your seed being caused stress or potentially dying.


It’s really important to keep your seed clean from when you take it out of the packet.
This means having a clean work area and not touching the seed with your skin. Human skin has natural oils as well as bacteria which you won’t want on the seed shell.

Always use gloves, or if you don’t have gloves then sterilized tweezers will work.

– Put your shot glass in the sink and pour a whole jug of boiling water in/on it to sterilize the shot glass.

– Place your seed in the empty shot glass and then pour in hydrogen peroxide to cover your seed. Leave the seed in hydrogen peroxide for 1 minute. After 1 minute, pour out the hydrogen peroxide and then replace with your Ph 6.5 water. Leave to soak in the pH6.5 water in the shot glass for a further 5 minutes.

growing downscale

You want to plant your seed in a pot which is well aerated. I use Jiffy pots, but you can use plastic beer pong cups with plenty of holes poked everywhere. Make sure anything you use is BPA free plastic.

It’s important to be very picky when selecting your soil. We Recommend Canna professional since it’s very light, nutrient neutral, and virus/pathogen free.

Do not use organic potting mix or any other type of outdoor pot soil from a garden centre.

– Fill your small pot half way with soil, then add some Mycorrhizal fungi to protect the plant against viruses. Add more soil to fill your small pot to the top.

– Press your finger in the middle of the pot to make an indent around 5mm deep and place the seed in the indent in the soil. Lightly Sprinkle more soil to cover the seed (Do not pack soil down)

– Water your soil so that the entire pot is moist NOT Damp/Soggy/Wet

Humidity Dome/Environment
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We recommend using a humidity dome for a seedling so that you can keep the temperature level
and humidity level constant.

You’ll need around 80% humidity, and a temperature range 18-27 degrees for the first two weeks of your seed’s life.

We use a temperature controlled heat mat to keep temperature constant. Make sure if you’re using a heat mat that there is a gap between the pad and your humidity dome. Also make sure that the heat pad has some sort of controller to prevent it from constantly running. It is very easy to ‘cook’ a seed on a heat pad.

Lastly, you’ll need some air flow around the humidity dome to keep the air fresh. We use a tent pole clip fan mounted above the grow light as well as an extract fan attached to the tent. Both operate on very low settings.

It’s important to keep the soil damp, but it is very important to not overwater your plant(Damp/Soggy soil).

Growth Time
Seeds can take 5-15 days to sprout, so be patient with your seedling.

Make sure you’re regularly monitoring the humidity level and temperature of your seedlings.
Never touch any part of the soil or your plant with your fingers and always use clean/sterilized gloves.

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Happy growing!