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Athena Metric & Dosage Guidelines

ATHENA: We recommend using Power Si as a foiler feed only. If you are using RO then you can use Balance as a ph up. Here is the protocol.
Using Balance
We made Balance to Balance PH. This is not just a PH up it also acts as a buffer for Revers Osmosis water. If you are not using R/O then there is really no need to use Balance. Tap water has buffering capacity and will hold a stable PH once you mix nutrients. Here is the protocol on how to use Balance.
– Use as a PH up do not use recommended dosages on the bottle.
– Use when using R/O
– Use Before or After Cleanse, Cleanse is PH neutral so it doesn’t matter which you use first.
Batch tank mixing protocol Finding the right PH First time mixing.
1. Mix Cleanse, Core, Grow to your desired EC value.
2. Measure how much Balance you need to use to get to your desired PH.
3. Write it down. ( It will be between 1 to 6 mls per gallon depending on EC value)
4. Next time add Balance first at the ML you wrote down.
5. Your formulation will be PH stable.

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