About Us

get the best produce from your indoor garden

How it Began

Before the world fell apart, we were looking to secure our food supply. Covid-19 happened, now we want to help others for Covid-20

grow your plants and vegetables indoors

Our Vision

To provide indoor farmers with quality products & information from around the world for the most successful indoor grows.

choose the right led grow light for you

Why Choose LED Grow?

We have researched & tested LED grow light technology over the past 4 years to bring you the best value for money products to maximise your indoor grow space and ensure that you grow the biggest tomatoes and chillis your grow space will allow.


LEDGrow is NZ owned and operated. We design our own LED grow lights as well as stock top grow light brands from around the world including Mars Hydro & Black Dog LED. The Phytomax 2 series lights & the S-Series grow lights now come with Free 3 Day Shipping

We understand that not everyone may have access to a credit card so we accept cash payments. For cash orders, email [email protected]

Black Dog LED & LED Grow S-Series lights and Inkbird peripherals come with free 3 day shipping. Other lights typically take between 7-10 days from when you place your order.

Our manufacturers offer a return to base warranty on all our products. 2-3 years depending on the manufacturer. Subject to recommend use guidelines. Check out our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

Yes, to reduce shipping costs, the drivers are shipped unattached. However set up is minimal and will take 3-5 minutes. We’ll send video instructions with your light to show you how to attach the bar lights to the drivers.

If you’re using HPS or other traditional LED boards, you can in fact expect a reduction in your energy bill. Our Quantum LED boards use around 50% less power than an equivalent HPS light. The reduced heat output also does away with the need for additional fans. Increased light output and reduced heat stress = healthier, happier plants.

While these lights cost more upfront, they save power, produce a lot more light and result in larger plants and flowers. We’ve been testing this technology for 6 months now and can safely say that they’re the right choice to make if you’re serious about your plants.