Commercial Consulting

Including Disclaimer: We will help your company with your Licensed Cannabis grow. Please note that we will need to sight your Medicinal license before we can discuss growing Cannabis.

Are you a retailer looking to get access to the best LED grow light & indoor growing equipment brands in the world? Contact us for commercial pricing for Mars Hydro & Black Dog LED, two of the best LED light manufacturers in the world. If you’re growing plants indoors at home, then browse our residential grow lights

Services include:

  • Bespoke Automation system – Run your entire grow from your mobile phone
  • Business Plan including Yield, crop turnover and Rotation, Total Capital Costs
  • Custom Light Plan
  • Full site analysis including Air movement systems, Air changes, Dehumidification
  • Air Conditioning Design including Sensible Cooling Calculations, Pipework Diagrams, Diversity Calculation,  PS1/PS3
  • Water Testing
  • Nutrient Calculations and Commercial nutrient sales
  • Site Specific staff training including everything From Trimming and pruning to Genetic planning and Tissue Culture workshops
  • NZQA Qualifications for Grow staff
  • Electrical Planning
  • License Application & SOP’s
  • International Commercial Grow tours
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f you need help setting up a commercial indoor farm at scale, we can help. With access to the best technology and people in the indoor grow space, we can scope out the project and supply you with the best lights for your goals.

If you’re growing plants for commercial purposes, we offer grow consulting services to help you get the most out of your operation.

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Ultra865 Commercial

Please contact LED Grow for a professional Commercial Consult.