LEDGrow – The Best NZ made LED lights

Our latest creation – the ULTRA865 has landed in NZ and is available with Free Shipping.

New Zealand designed and developed grow lights which incorporate the world’s best horticultural technology. LED Grow has a light to fit plants in all settings

If you’re a grower who’s looking to maximize yield, the Ultra865 is IP65 waterproof and will give 2000ppfd over a square metre,

Or can effectively grow up to two square metres when hung 1.2m above the plant canopy.

There’s also smaller low wattage options like the BAR250, which will give 680ppfd over a square metre and can be dimmed down low to use with seedlings or cuttings.

The LED Grow brand is growing, so keep checking this page as we drop new tech.

Available with 3 day Free Shipping within NZ.

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