LEDGrow ULTRA 865 – 865W LED Grow Light


LEDGrow ULTRA 865 – The most powerful LED Grow light in NZ

  • Ultra High Energy Efficiency: 3.072umol/J
  • 865W Power Consumption
  • 5W Custom Lensed Diodes
  • 1887 PPFD at 450mm
  • Dual Dimmers: Main Spectrum + UV
  • Osram, Samsung & Epistar Diodes
  • Custom Light Spectrum containing: Far Red, Deep Red, Warm White, Cool White, Deep Blue and UV
  • Dual Drivers
  • Passive Cooling
  • Light Coverage: 6ft x 6ft (Veg), 5ft x 5ft (Flowering)
  • Dimensions: 802mm (L) x 315mm (W) x 186mm (H)
  • Weight: 15.5kg
  • Water & Dust Resistant: IP65
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Hangers & Cables included. Plug & Play
  • SAA Certified
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The most powerful LED Grow light in NZ: Suitable for Greenhouse, Indoor Grow Room, or Grow tent. Only 302mm wide so this light has minimal shadow when used in a Greenhouse. 5 Watt Diode colours include: far red, warm white, cool white, deep blue and UV spectrum for optimal plant growth, dual drivers, dual dimmers and custom angled lenses.

Ultra Efficient – 3.072umol/J Efficacy: The Ultra865 has been scientifically tested in a Spectroradiometer Sphere. It produces 2668.3 umol/m2/s from 865Watts with an efficacy of 3.072umol/J .

Ultra Water Resistant – IP65 Rating: Dustproof and Water Resistant grow light with an IP65 rating makes foliar spraying and watering your plants a breeze. Custom lenses keep your Diodes safe from High humidity or accidentally spraying your light.

Ultra Canopy Penetration – Custom Lensed Diodes: We developed custom angled lenses for all the LED diodes to improve canopy penetration. The Ultra865 light gets through dense canopies. Main spectrum diode lenses focus the light while custom UV diode lenses dissipate the UV spectrum.

This means Big Fruit or flowers, deep down in your canopy.

Ultra Powerful – Top Bin 5 Watt Diodes: To achieve the ultra high stats this light produces, we acquired top bin 5W diodes and drivers from Osram and Meanwell. Multiple drivers drive the different light spectrum channels for clean power delivery and max efficiency.

One grow light to rule them all: Use one grow light to grow 15 or more plants in an 1.5 x 1.5 tent. Control the brightness of multiple lights using an RJ12 cable. Dual dimmers to dim main spectrum and UV individually.

Full Cycle Fixture – Good For Flowers or Seedlings: The grow light’s dimmers allow you to decrease the light intensity.  The secondary dimmer allows you to control UV intensity at different plant growth phases.

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