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Blackdog PhytoMAX-2 800

How powerful is the Black Dog PM2-800 grow light? PPFD light test


Today we test the Black Dog Pm2-800.

  • Methodology: 1.5m2 x 2m tent used with a 1m x 1m grid of 10cm squares, tested at a variety of heights: 600 and 1200mm
  • Testing Meter: Apogee MQ-610 ePAR meter
    apogee Led Tester
  • Spectrum tested: Visible light + 380 to 760 nm (Includes UV & IR)

Black Dog is well known for producing robust commercial lights with Black Dog’s unique Phyto-Genesis Spectrum (365nm-750nm).

Black Dog utilizes High quality LED diodes with lenses to help focus the light.

At 600mm hanging height this light produces on average 1142µmol m-2 s-1 which is a good average, but at the centre of the chart there are readings over 2000µmol m-2 s-1. At the edges of our testing chart there are readings as low as 337 ppfd.

If you’re looking for even coverage across the canopy with high PPFD, then our upgraded S-series S700 grow light is a good option. Check out the test results from the S700 here.

This means that plants directly under the light may get burned. And at the edges some plants will not receive enough light photons.

This light will suit vegetative and also flowering plants in a square grow space.

Recommended grow space size for flowering plants: 900mm² – 1m²

Average PPFD at 600mm: 1142µmol m-2 s-1   
Average PPFD at 600mm






Average PPFD at 1200mm: 470µmol m-2 s-1

Average PPFD at 1200mm