Athena AG Bloom B


Blooms From A To B

Athena Bloom A/B is the boost your plants need once they reach the business end of their lives – The fruiting and flower phase.

Athena Bloom A/B is a 2-part nutrient formula blended from high-quality macronutrients and chelated micronutrients, making element uptake more efficient across a wide pH range, and with any grow method and media. This results in faster bud production in greater numbers, and higher quality yields of your favourite fruits and flowers.

Get your Athena Bloom Part-A here.

Why Are There A and B Nutrients?

It’s all about chemical reactions. Turns out when certain elements of the highly concentrated part A and B are mixed and stored together, they react and clog together in a form which is unavailable to the plant.
This is why you first add part A, followed by part B in equal amounts.

 Handy Tips:
Application Rate: Add 2-7ml of Athena Bloom B per gallon (3.8L) of water during the flowering phase.

Athena Bloom A and Athena Bloom B should always be used in equal amounts.

Athena Bloom A/B are sediment free and suitable for use with all dosing and irrigation systems, including fine drippers.

Can be used in any growing media.

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1Gal/3.7L, 32oz/0.9L, 5Gal/18.9L




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