Athena AG Stack


Natural Help From Natural Kelp

Athena AG Stack is a natural, high-quality, multi-purpose plant conditioner derived from kelp extract that promotes healthy growth and hearty flowering, and helps your plant reach it’s maximum flowering potential. Athena Stack can be used as a foliar spray and root drench that can help correct minor potassium deficiencies. It can also be used as a pre-transplant conditioner to help reduce stress and increase vigor, or a seed soak to help with germination rates and producing strong seedlings.

Handy Tips:

Instructions for use as a foliar spray or root drench: Apply once weekly from the final week of vegetative growth to week 4-5 of flowering, or once plants stop growing vertically. Cease foliar spray slightly earlier around week 3 of flowering.

Foliar Spray Directions: Mix 7ml per gallon (3.8L) water and spray thoroughly once weekly. Spray with lights off and allow to dry before turning on. Do not spray past week 3 of flowering.

Root Drench Directions: Mix 1-2ml per gallon (3.8L) of water in a weekly mix. Can be mixed with regular fertilizer recipe. Add last to reservoir.

Pre-Transplant Use: Mix 2ml per gallon (3.8L) water and bare root soak for 30-60 seconds prior to transplanting or water in solution after transplanting.

Seed Treatment: Mix 4ml per gallon (3.8L) water and soak seed for 1-2 minutes before sowing.


- +
  • Encourages healthy growth, transition, and flowering
  • Amino acids for optimal plant health performance
  • Contains natural kelp-derived hormones to encourage lateral growth
  • Contains humic acid derived from kelp
  • Fully compatible with Athena IPM – can mix in the same sprayer for simultaneous application
  • No pH adjustment necessary





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