Athena AG Balance


Keep Your pH Steady As She Grows

Athena AG Balance is specially developed for buffering irrigation water to avoid swings in the pH, and give you more control and accuracy over nutrient application. This is particularly true when using reverse osmosis (RO), or soft water, as it tends to be more acidic due to the absence of minerals, and can cause lockout of essential nutrients.

The Athena Balance buffer is formulated with potassium silicate, which not only stablises the pH, but the silica offers additional benefits to your plants by improving photosynthesis, osmotic balance and nutrient uptake, cell and stem structure, and improves your plants resistance to stress, particularly abiotic stressors such as light, temperature, water, ultimately giving you a helping hand to produce strong, healthy plants, with superb yields of your fruit or flowers of choice.

Handy Tips:

Athena Balance is compatible with mechanical dosing systems, and not recommended for electronic dosing systems.

Can be used in any growing media.


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  • Specifically concentrated to buffer irrigation water & stabilize to ideal pH
  • Benefits plant growth, stem structure, stress reduction, water usage (osmoregulation), and nutrient utilization
  • Sediment-free formula
  • Compatible with mechanical dosing systems (Dosatron)
  • Add 2-5 mL per gallon to your reservoir prior to mixing in other fertilizers and additives

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