Athena AG CaMg


For When The Growing Gets Tough

Athena AG CaMg is a supplement boost for Athena’s 2-part formulas for when your growing conditions and or media are a little challenging, or your cultivar requires the extra calcium, magnesium, iron and nitrogen during the vegetation phase to really thrive and provide.

Athena CaMg is particularly useful when growing in inert media like clay pellets and coco, or in RO water systems, correcting the nutrient deficiencies without disrupting the overall balance of elements.

Handy Tips:

Application Rate: Add 2.5ml per gallon (3.8L) of water during all stages as needed.

Can be used in any growing media.

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1Gal/3.7L, 32oz/0.9L, 5Gal/18.9L




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