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4.53 KG / 10LB Box only – Includes 5 x 0.96KG Packets
Blooming Blooming

Athena Pro Bloom is a dry, fully soluble fertilizer formulated for use in the flowering phase, providing the extra phosphorus and potassium needed to support the high metabolic activity of flowering plants. Use alongside Athena Pro Core to obtain a balanced feed with optimum elemental levels.

When used with Athena Pro Core, Athena Pro Bloom provides balanced levels of macro and micronutrients, including sulphur for increasing potency of the scent and flavour of your fruits and flowers. Athena Pro Core has a low heavy metal content and mixes fully at room temperature with no particles or sediments. It is ideal for mixing stock tanks and is compatible with all dosing systems.

Handy Tips:

It is not advised to mix the Athena Pro Line nutrients directly into your reservoir.

It is recommended to turn the Athena Pro Line nutrients into a concentrated liquid first, and then use the concentrate to mix your batch tanks.

Can be used in any growing media.


Athena Pro Line Mix Kit

Athena Mix Kit makes it easy and accurate to mix a concentrated fertilizer mix. Just add a single pouch to the matching 1 gallon just, fill with water and shake until fully dissolved. Look for Athena 10 lb Pro Line box for refill pouches.

Weighing powders is inaccurate and can lead to batches with different mineral compositions and ultimately plant deficiencies. It’s always better to mix a concentrate first before measuring into a batch tank or reservoir