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The best LED Grow lights in NZ for indoor farmers

Get the latest LED grow lights from trusted light manufacturers like Black Dog LED, Mars Hydro & Optic LED.

We have a range of indoor grow light solutions trusted by thousands of avid indoor growers around the world. Whether you need a small led grow light to supplement sunlight or a larger daisy chained set of led grow lights for a tree nursery or something in between – we’ve got you covered with the led grow lights nz has been waiting for.

All grow lights and peripherals come with full factory warranties.

Latest LED Technology

The best LED grow light brands & technology for fast growing, healthy plants here in NZ.

Tried & Tested Lights

We only stock led grow lights with a good track record including Mars Hydro & Black Dog

Free NZ Shipping

Free shipping on all orders. Usually 3-4 Days but with COVID-19
7-10 Days.

2 Year Warranty

For your peace of mind. Contact [email protected] with any issues.

Black Dog LED Grow Lights
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Full spectrum LED grow lights for indoor plants

Effective & efficient grow lights for growing plants indoors
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