Optic 4XL NextGen Dimmable COB LED Grow Light 500w


Now the even more power & efficient Optic 4XL NextGen loaded with all top of the line, high end led components to give you unmatched yield and potency combination.

Each COB now driven at up to 100 watts each with better cooling. Loaded with nearly 3x as many bloom enhancers with the upgraded CREE XPE Deep Reds and Royal Blue LEDs for a maximum in crop quality. Optic 4XL has proven itself to produce Mega Yields with chart-topping bud quality and resin production.

The New NextGen Bloom Enhancer array is absolutely amazing! All new everything, loaded with 5x as many LEDs from Samsung & CREE and now driving at 100 watts of power bringing total fixture max power from 450w to 500w.

The New X pattern design with double rows spreads the special light from these bloom enhancers all across your garden. Optic 4XL NextGen is highly refined and it will take your crop quality and yields to the next level.

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Optic 4XL NextGen Components:

Max Power: 500 watts

HID equivalent: 1000 watt DE HPS

Bloom Enhancer Array:

Red LEDs: CREE XPE 660nm Deep Red LEDs – 16 pcs

Blue LEDs: CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue LEDs – 8 pcs

White LEDs: Samsung LM301H Horticulture Series LEDs – 144 pcs

Ultra Violet: UV LED chips – 2pcs

Infrared: IR LED chips – 2 pcs



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